Friday, April 30, 2010

New colors for Suzuki GS-150R

Suzuki's third bike GS 150R had undergone a slight makeover. The Heat and Zeus were not successful models and for the past few months the GS 150R is doing well on sales and it looks like Suzuki is very serious about this machine to make it a grand success.
The bike has got new body graphics and comes in
four colors. The colors are 1) Metallic Flint Gray, 2) Pearl Nebular Black, 3) Candy Dark Greenish blue with Pearl Nebular Black and 4) Candy Max Orange with Pearl Nebular Black at the rear end, the last two is available in dual tone.



  • 6-speed gear box.
  • Electric & Kick start
  • New body graphics
  • Digital Console with Gear indicator
  • Integrated rear turn indicators
  • LED tail light for less battery consumption
  • Stylish headlight and tail light inspired by GSX 1000R
  • Nitrox Suspension

The new body graphics and Dual tone colors are sure to attract. This bike directly competes with the refined Unicorn. The Gs150R has a smooth engine and the 6th gear is very helpul at top speeds which doesn't allows the engine to get tired. The bike fuel economy ranges fron 50-60km/lt.
Some cons of this machine are :

  • Since the bike is a little over weight, performance could have been better. We say 14.9PS would have done the job.
  • The rear break lever minimizes the ground clearence, sometimes it hits the speedbreaker too.
  • Footpegs could have been placed little backward just like in Karizma-R, but not too backward like RTR or R15.


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