Thursday, May 27, 2010

MTV Pulsar Rockathon

Recently MTV India in association with Bajaj Pulsar organized a stunt show by Ghost Ryderz which was followed by a rocking rock concert by Parikrama. All of this adrenalin fueled excitement took place on the grounds of Bharati Vidyapeeth on May 22nd 2010. The Rockathon was also a chance for the Puneri stunters to showcase their talent as the organizers also had the Pune auditions for the Pulsar MTV Stuntmania season two. The event also had a few attractions apart from the stunt show and rock concert like paint ball zone, playstation zone, tattoo booth and food stall. One thing which was noticeable was that the organizers were stressing more on the rock concert rather than the stunting part of the event. This seems a bit odd given the fact that it was an audition for a reality stunt show. Moreover the stunts were being performed on a dirt surface instead of tarmac which is the ideal surface for stunting.

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