Thursday, August 26, 2010

(question and answer)Tyre pressure for bullet Electra (UCE)

Hi all its Manu here.
Couple of weeks back I have taken the delivery of Electra (UCE) 350 and I am quite happy with that.

But I always feel that, when I take turns, bike is not stable and looks like it is wobbling at the back .

I am maintaining the tyre pressure of 25psi at front and 35psi at rear.

When I asked the royal enfield showroom guys, they said that
it should be 20 to 22 psi at front 28 to 30 psi at back.

But I am not sure about it. As a habit I used to fill 26 F,36 R always for my HH ambition and RK.( Both are sold now anyway) and so I am doing almost the same for the bullet also.

Bullet experts, Please through some light on this.

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  1. I try to maintain the 22/32 recommended pressure for my TBird but I also sometimes do 25/35 or 25/32.

  2. 25 at the front wheel, rib tyres and 30 at the rear wheel. This is ideal as you won't have bumpy ride.

  3. This is what I have found to work best for all round use. It works for any tire on any street motorcycle.
    Look for the max PSI figure stamped in the sidewall. For normal running the minimum inflation pressure should be within 10% of this on the rear. The front minimum should be within 10% of the rear. This means that if you have a 42# tire the minimum PSI will be 38# rear (10% of max), and 34# front (10% of the rear). This will give the best overall handling, wet of dry, with good wear characteristics. Lower pressures will give a somewhat smoother ride, but at the expense of some wear and handling.
    For extended runs, particularly with heavier loads or high sustained speeds, go to max PSI front and rear. The tire will run cooler because of less squirming. This will give better wear than a hot tire will. The difference in contact patch is negligible unless the tire is grossly under-inflated.