Sunday, October 3, 2010

A couple of things to know about the Mahindra Mojo

1) What is the Price of the Mahindra Mojo?

A: 1.75 Lakh Ex-Showroom Pune. That means the final on road price will be around 2 lakhs.
 2) When will the Mahindra Mojo be on sale in the showrooms?

A: No dates have been fixed yet. But according to the Mahindra officials it could be probably by late this year or early next year.

 3) How much of an Indian content will be on the Mahindra Mojo?

According to the Mahindra officials at the launch, the Indian content on the bike will be very less. The parts will be mostly imported and assembled in Mahindra’s Pithampur plant near Indore, M.P.

This means that the bike will be assembled and sold like the Kawasaki Ninja in India. No wonder the price tag is high.

4) In which cities will the Mahindra Mojo be on sale?
Quality of components used on the Mojo (the bike displayed at the launch) was good

Tyres from Pirelli, USD front suspension from Piaoli Italy..
A: Again Mahindra has yet to finalize the distribution structure for the Mojo (according to what was told in the launch). It probably means that the Mojo would be on sale only in select metros.

Makes sense too since to develop the infrastructure to service such a technically advanced bike will need some time and effort from Mahindra.

5) The Mahindra Mojo will be the "Fastest Indian" bike according to Mahindra.

But Mahindra officials did not give a kmph figure with the claim. According to me, with all the imported content on the bike the Mojo will be pitted against the Kawasaki Ninja for this title and not the Pulsar 220 DTS-i.

6) The model displayed at the launch was a protoype.

Yes, it was only a prototype and not a working model. But inspite of that, the quality of the parts on the bike was quite decent.

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