Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Yamaha registers growth of 69.7 per cent in December

India Yamaha Motor rode at a brisk pace in 2010 backed by new product offerings and novel marketing initiatives. The company clocked sales of 350,264 motorcycles in 2010 as compared to 267,895 motorcycles in 2009, a growth of 30.7 percent over last year. The domestic market recorded sales of 258,987 units in 2010 vs. 218,625 units in 2009, a growth of 18.5 percent while in export markets, a phenomenal growth of 85 per cent was achieved with the sale of 91,277 motorcycles in 2010 vs. 49,270 units in 2009.

In December alone, the company sold 34,839 units this year vs. 20,529 units in December 2009, thereby registering a growth of 69.7 per cent. In domestic markets, the company almost doubled last year’s sales, with 26,567 units in December 2010 vs. 13,612 units in the same month last year. The export figures stood at 8,272 units in December 2010 while 6,917 motorcycles were exported in December 2009.

“We are pleased with our achievements this year, wherein we have been able to strengthen our brand image and cement our place in the hearts of our esteemed customers. Along with achieving several milestones, the year was marked by various new initiatives to enhance our relationship with our customers. All our product launches replicated Yamaha’s DNA of Performance, Innovation & Design and are in sync with consumers’ expectations. Our initiatives such as the Yamaha Safe Riding Science, R15 One Make race, Yamaha Fiesta, Yamaha Riding Clinic, Pan India SZ Tour Rally were organized to promote biking culture in India while practicing safe riding techniques. We are confident that we will build on our success of 2010 with a strong performance in 2011 as well.” said Hiroyuki Suzuki, CEO & Managing Director, India Yamaha Motor Pvt. Ltd.

During the year, the company made a powerful impression in the new 150cc+ commuter segment with the launch of 153cc SZ series (SZ, SZ-X & SZ-R models) and also reiterated its position in the entry level segment with two important launches - YBR 110 and YBR 125. The company also strengthened its position in superbike segment by launching 1000cc FZ1 in December. Yamaha aims to further its global legacy of being a brand that is refining the motorcycling culture in India by providing bike enthusiasts with the combined thrill of technological superiority and artistic brilliance.

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